Tuesday , 24 October 2017


Guarding against lost pets

Hi Montreal Dog Blog readers!  Hope you’ve had a wonderful summer! Baby Jasmine Rose is doing so well! I love being a human baby mom! During my time off, I have spent a lot of days out and about, walking in the streets, going to parks, for ice cream, etc – and I have seen many people walking dogs off …

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Ask A Vet: My dog is shedding a lot!

Q:  I adopted a 3 year old lab-shepherd mix a few months ago. Up until a month ago, she didn’t shed at all. But then for the last month she is dropping fur like there’s no tomorrow! Lots and LOTS of fur! I know that coats change seasonally, but how long should the shed last? She doesn’t seem to be …

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WIN! Do you have a Dirty Dog?

(Front page photo courtesy of normanack on Flickr) Do you have a Dirty Dog? Spring can be messy! Has your pooch been running through puddles, trampling through mud and rolling in god-knows-what?! Good! We want to know about it!  Anna Maria Ranieri is a member of the Montreal Dog Blog team. She is a local, trusted groomer who treats all …

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Temporary Groomer Needed at Pampered Pets

Anna Maria Ranieri is one of our dog bloggers – not to mention, a huge animal lover and professional groomer/owner at Pampered Pets of Westmount.  Read her bio here.   Check out her archived grooming articles here.   She’s just found out that her older dog McGwire has cancer and he doesn’t have much time left, sadly.    Anna Maria is looking for …

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Smile! It’s Dental Health Month!

Smile!  February is National Pet Dental Health Month!                    Here are a few dental hygiene tips: Brush Daily:  GUILTY! How many of use really do this? While it may seem difficult to get your pet to cooperate, slowly try to incorporate a brushing routine into your pet’s life. You can start by …

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Pampered Pets: From Timid To Terrific!

It was well over a year ago that I had met Lulu, a beautiful 4 year old Lab-mix. When her owner Natalie had called Pampered Pets to make a grooming appointment for her , she had told me that Lulu had become very fearful of groomers and the last place she went for grooming Lulu wouldn’t even go down the …

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