Wednesday , 17 January 2018

handicapped pets

Dr. Amanda Glew: House Calls with Benefits

House Calls with Benefits – by Dr. Amanda Glew  There are some advantages to doing house calls. You can set your own time, you need to give yourself ample time to provide for travel as well as delays, you get to visit people and their animals in their home environment. Most of these calls can be sad – often we are asked …

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Tinkerbelle, the Blind Cat – Dr. Amanda Glew

Tinkerbelle, the Blind Cat  – Dr. Amanda Glew  As a veterinarian, I have had the pleasure and privilege of vetting animals with many disabilities – the 3 legged labrador, the paraplegic daschund, and numerous vision impaired dogs and cats. However, there is a difference when dealing with an animal who goes blind, versus one who is born blind.  This is the …

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Product Review: Ceva Diffusers

Purple and soft grey clouds of bubbles surround you. Embraced by the smell of sweet vanilla and magnolias, a figure in pink approaches. You know this energy so you follow the rose coloured silhouette. The both of you are skimming the tops of the bubbly clouds next to sea turtles singing classics from Astrid Gilburto. Suddenly you both stop as …

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A Tale of Two Kittens

This is a story of unbelievable teamwork in animal rescue and the amazing results we find when we all come together, working towards a common goal.

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Reader Piece: Arthur the Treasure

About Margaret Blackman:  Mild mannered accountant by day and “Crazy Dog Lady” by night, pets have been part of Margaret’s life from a very early age and she has been heavily involved in rescue for the last 10 years as a foster home and emergency responder.  She currently shares her home with 5 teckels (dachshunds) plus a varying number of …

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Reader Piece: A Daschund in Diapers?

We are so happy to introduce Margaret Blackman to our MDB readers!  We met Margaret and her special needs dogs, Heidi and Arthur at the recent Beaconsfield Pet Fair.  Margaret has a wealth of experience and knowledge when it comes to disabled pets and we’re thrilled to welcome her onboard, to share her stories with you!  About Margaret Blackman: Mild …

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