Tuesday , 27 June 2017

human interest

I Had To Say Goodbye Today

     I had to say goodbye today I held you to my heart Through tears we begged to save you It’s not our time to part. ___   I had to say goodbye today But I wanted you to stay Let’s have another summer Please, have just one more day ___   I had to say goodbye today It …

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How much attention do cats really need?

cat lovers, cats need attention, lots of love, the furry, no more independent

When did we start believing and accepting that cats are able to stay home ALONE for days at a time? 3, 4 days even 5 days alone. Fill 5 bowls of food, 5 bowls of water and 2 litter boxes out for them to fend for themselves on this great adventure!!! Its true, cats are more independent than dogs. They …

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Dakota, rescued from a Korean dog meat farm, needs your help

The holidays are fast approaching and in addition to this being a time of preparations for family reunions and celebrations, it is also the time of year that charities and nonprofit organizations fundraise heavily to help advance their causes. This is, after all, a time for sharing and giving. Your generosity is probably sought everywhere (good causes are not lacking …

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Yappy Howl’oween! – Terry Price Kimmel

  Yappy Howl’oween! – Terry Price Kimmel Copper Playing doggie dress up on a daily basis is not my thing. I have no interest in pretending my 10 lb Schnauzer, Mouse, is the little girl I always wanted. However, I do enjoy seeing pets decked out in Halloween garb and even Mouse must grin and bear a bee costume annually. I …

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A Letter to my Foster Dad

                A Letter to my Foster Dad Cher Papa Yves, Before you I lived cold and lonely on a chain next to my brother for several  years, becoming old and more frightened as each one passed. I became “useless” , I had sores that did not heal and aches in my bones. But …

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First Indoor Garage Sale of the Year!

Rosie Animal Adoption will be holding its first indoor garage sale at the Timberlea Vet Clinic in the training hall, on Feb 28th 2015 from 10 to 2 pm. There will also be a bake sale, along with nail clipping of your four legged friends by their groomer Doris for 10$ per animal. All proceeds will benefit the dogs in …

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Is this the face of the Most Thankful Dog in Montreal?

        I think so. Meet Black. Yeah I know. What kind of name is that for a brown collie mix? Black is part of the seizure that took place on June 10th by the Montreal SPCA in the Lanaudiere region. Badly neglected, we are not certain if he was chained outside all his life or locked inside the …

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Still Looking for Love

As you all know if you follow my blogs we are just finishing up our last seizure which began last September at the SPCA Annexe. Some had a home for the holidays and many more found their way out of the shelter in January. Surprisingly we still have 6 little souls looking for a place to call home. Each one …

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