Wednesday , 17 January 2018

Life with an old dog (blog)

Still a “HAM”!

I realize that even though he is older, Bailey is still a “ham” and does not really like being left out of anything.  I bought these Disney ears in Disneyworld a few years ago and was taking some pics of the little ones, when Bailey wanted in on the action!  He actually came and nudged my arm and wanted to …

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Buddy Love!

It’s funny the relationship between Bailey and Kayla ( aka KK).  Bailey was 5 years old when KK came into our lives.  It was a big adjustment for Bailey.  He was actually fearful to have this 3Ib, attention seeking pug running around and jumping on him.  Bailey tried his best to ignore KK’s attempts and friendship but later on, it …

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Soaking up the sun!

Bailey loves the sun!  He is a true SunDog! I believe that sun is really good for moderation that is…I feel that Bailey benefits from his daily doese of Vitamin D such as I do.  He asks (demands) for it! He likes the deck but also has managed to dig up a few unassuming holes around the back yard for his sunbathing …

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This is my “baby”?

Even as a pup Bailey loved receiving stuffed animals.  They had  to have long furry noses and enough of a body so he could wrap the stuffed animal under him.  10 years later, I am still looking for stuffed animals to satisfy Bailey’s need.  I started to go to garage sales and second hand stores around Montreal so I could …

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A New Addition!

I have to say that on Friday, my husband I were part of a remarkable journey to bring a disabled French Bulldog named PUNK all the way back to Montreal for a chance at love and a new home! PUNK, now called PUNKY, was abandonned outside a market in Taiwan and had been at a shelter since April. She has …

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The Big GATE debate!

    Bailey, going on 10, can no longer see in the dark.  Last night, he cried and whimpered until I got up…tired, frustrated and still half asleep, I ventured to motion him down the stairs without the aid of any additional light.  In the past, it never seemed to be a problem but now I know it is.  There are …

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