Friday , 18 August 2017

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Guest Post: One Dog’s Journey from Kibble to Raw

How I Improved my Dog’s Nutrition, One Dog’s Journey from Kibble to Raw – Guest Post by Orly Leitner  DISCLAIMER: This is our personal story of which I am happy to share with you. Everything I keep learning is from hours and hours of research, experimentation and of course, common sense. These instalments will provide you with insight into the …

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Moms to be! How to deal with pregnancy and your pets

Pregnancy - dont neglet your furry babies cats and dogs

Congratulations on your pregnancy!  Now, what are you going to do about your other babies (the furry ones)? It’s a beautiful time especially when it’s your first child, going through all the experiences and challenges of learning what to buy, what you need or don’t.  Essentially, how to care for this child having no experience or background doing so!   …

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How much attention do cats really need?

cat lovers, cats need attention, lots of love, the furry, no more independent

When did we start believing and accepting that cats are able to stay home ALONE for days at a time? 3, 4 days even 5 days alone. Fill 5 bowls of food, 5 bowls of water and 2 litter boxes out for them to fend for themselves on this great adventure!!! Its true, cats are more independent than dogs. They …

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MDB’s 6th annual Paw It Forward: $4000 for animal rescues!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! MDB loves the holiday season because this is when our bloggers get to “Paw It Forward” and help rescues that mean a lot to us! Where The Money Comes From Our generous advertisers! The folks you see in the sidebar on the right hand side of this page – AND in the …

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Yappy Howl’oween! – Terry Price Kimmel

  Yappy Howl’oween! – Terry Price Kimmel Copper Playing doggie dress up on a daily basis is not my thing. I have no interest in pretending my 10 lb Schnauzer, Mouse, is the little girl I always wanted. However, I do enjoy seeing pets decked out in Halloween garb and even Mouse must grin and bear a bee costume annually. I …

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Product Review: Little Pet Shop of Horrors

*While this post was in editing this happened. Please keep this wonderful news in mind while reading. *Warning: Some photos are graphic and disturbing.   E-mail replies from Montreal’s SPCA, “the problem is a “laisse a faire regulation” by the provincial government.” Phone conversations with norme du travail, “It is very sad but they’re not breaking any laws. The animals …

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Dr. Amanda Glew: Unusual Pairings

Unusual pairings – by Dr. Amanda Glew  One of the things that strikes me working as a veterinarian are the unusual pairings that we see on a daily basis – I mean, when you think about it, the fact that we fall so much in love with a dog can be perceived by non-dog lovers as a little odd.  But …

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Pete Thorne brings The Old Faithful Photo Project to Montreal

Photographer Pete Thorne is coming to Montreal to capture the beauty of our Senior Dogs. He calls it The Old Faithful Photo Project. He appreciates capturing the lumps and bumps, grey hair, chipped and missing teeth of our faithful companions. On April 25 and possibly the 26th, Pete will be in Montreal to make the wish of many Human Companions …

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First Indoor Garage Sale of the Year!

Rosie Animal Adoption will be holding its first indoor garage sale at the Timberlea Vet Clinic in the training hall, on Feb 28th 2015 from 10 to 2 pm. There will also be a bake sale, along with nail clipping of your four legged friends by their groomer Doris for 10$ per animal. All proceeds will benefit the dogs in …

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