Tuesday , 20 February 2018

S2 chihuahuas (blog)

El nuevo amigo de Santiago

Seeing that Santiago is, as you will recall from the post:  Just Ducky, an avid ‘toyer’; he likes to play (and play and play and play) he was given the opportunity to be a Dog Toy Tester by the Amigo Toys.  A week ago we received in the mail two toys: Toy A: a Blue latex/rubber squeaky dog And Toy …

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Thank you Santa.

I believe in Christmas and I Believe in Santa too. And if you ask me why I’ll tell you because of three pounds of concentrated unconditional love I like to call Santiago. On a good day I feel 16, okay that’s mentally feel 16, but who’s counting!? At Christmas that mental age becomes 8. For the past 12 years I’ve …

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Just Ducky


Here’s the thing.  When I first got Santiago from the SPCA  he was still shell-shocked from life in the Mill he was in.  And for a while after he was, as I am sure all dogs in similar situations going from that to a loving homes with fresh food and water, warm beds and all the petting and belly rubs …

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‘Cute’ is our personal doorman.

…and by ‘cute’, of course I mean ‘Santiago’. It’s almost 2 years that I’ve had Santiago and in the short time I’ve realized that his cuteness opens doors.  Not only literal doors but figurative doors.  I cannot recall one instance where we went out for a walk that at least one person didn’t come up and talk to us, and …

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The tooth, the whole tooth and nothing but the tooth.

What’s good for the Dog is good for the Human. Let me first say, I dislike dental visits. It’s nothing against the Dentists or Hygienists, mine are all wonderful. It’s just I do not enjoy the process.  Oh, I should also add that I’m a staunch non-flosser. Don’t tell me I make it more difficulty on myself, I know I …

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Me and my three pound shadow.

Since the day I brought Santiago home from the S.P.C.A., it’s pretty much a guarantee that whatever room I am in, so too, is he. It can also be proven that (aside from playing fetch) if I am sitting he is either right next to me or on my lap, or shoulder (trust me); if I am standing, he is …

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