Tuesday , 20 February 2018

The Dog Daily

Guarding against lost pets

Hi Montreal Dog Blog readers!  Hope you’ve had a wonderful summer! Baby Jasmine Rose is doing so well! I love being a human baby mom! During my time off, I have spent a lot of days out and about, walking in the streets, going to parks, for ice cream, etc – and I have seen many people walking dogs off …

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The Dog Daily: Canine Influenza

Here in Montreal, we’re on the cusp of another cold and flu season. But did you know, your dog can suffer the flu as well? Here’s the latest from our friends at The Dog Daily!  The Dog Daily: Illness and Disease Could You Recognize Dog Flu? By Jennifer Viegas for The Dog Daily “Flu” seems to be a catchall word …

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The Dog Daily: Does Your Dog Overdo It?

(Is your dog ALWAYS ready to rumble? Here’s some helpful tips from our friends at The Dog Daily, if you have a dog that just won’t quit!) The Dog Daily: Safety   Dogs that Overdo It By Kim Boatman for The Dog Daily If your dog is a sled dog racing over icy terrain, a weekend warrior chasing balls, or any …

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Stretching Techniques for Dogs

Every now and then, we like to share an interesting piece from our friends at The Dog Daily! Here’s one about stretching your pooch.  As we all know, our dogs enjoy a good stretch as much as we do! The Dog Daily: Safety   Stretching Techniques for Dogs By Darcy Lockman for The Dog Daily Like us, dogs benefit from …

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