Monday , 19 February 2018

Nat Lauzon (creator/contributor)

Nat Lauzon is a 20 year radio veteran, freelance writer, voice artist and pet lover.  After volunteering in the wake of several puppy mill rescues, her passion lies in helping to educate Montrealers about the importance of adoption and putting an end to illegal dog breeding operations in Quebec.

In September 2010, Nat launched Montreal Dog Blog – a one-stop portal for pet owners offering local resources and information – the true heart and soul of which is a passionate team of Montreal pet lovers and professionals.

(Nat doesn’t have a specific blog – but you can read everything she’s posted on the site, by clicking here!)





  1. Hi Nat,

    My name is Mona Gillespie, was referred to you by Phil Vanden Branden. I know Phil from work, working as temp receptionist at Bell Media.

    Wanted to know who would be the best organization to report dog neglect. Sometime last week, (NDG area), heard a dog barking continuously outside, knew something wasn’t right, went to investigate building across street. Saw small dog on balcony, door closed, no lights in condo and it was freezing cold, the night we had snow/sleet. Made numerous calls in apartment looking for someone to let me in, lo and behold someone had called the police and managed to contact owner. She had left dog out for well over 15 hours, no food, no shelter, water, etc. Apparently balcony was filthy (no kidding)! Person who called police said this dog is appx. 14years old and neglected constantly. Is there an organization other than SPCA that will follow through to be sure this dog is in a safe place? So upsetting!!! Secondly, last night, taking metro at Place Bonaventure home at appx 10:00 pm, some idiot left their cat kennel with kitty inside outside by metro door. Poor little thing was scared,cold, dirty, hungry. Tried numerous calls for shelters, either closed/full or wouldn’t take him because it wasn’t in same jurisdiction. Clearly couldn’t leave it there, cat is home with me. Unfortunately I have a cat at home and can’t have a second one due to apt. regulations. The cat is in my bathroom, comfortable, clean, fed, litter box, however I will need to find a home. I believe he/she is 6 to 8 mos. old, adorable, friendly, so sweet, grey in color and golden eyes. Tried today to contact and no success being it a long weekend. Also want to be sure cat is brought to a no kill refuge. I did send email to friends to see if anyone would like to adopt a cat, am willing to have it spayed/neutered (I think it’s female) and checked by a vet. Not sure how you do what you are doing without losing your cool, twice in a week, I get sooooo angry at the stupidity and lack of compassion that humans have. If they can’t be compassionate towards animals, they sure as hell have no compassion for humans.

    Once I’m established, just recently moved from Vancouver, would be happy to volunteer (however would need to keep my emotions in tact)!

    Thanks again Nat,


  2. So sad how some people can be so cruel and others so amazingly humane. I really wish she could tell us what the F***k happened that brought her to this horrible place. Thank you Nat Lauzon for all you did, you are a wonderful person. I am almost tempted to take this beautiful girl as I am already owned by 2 beautiful senior girls myself. Mother and daughter, they are approximately 16 yrs old, both black and white as well,, and were no longer wanted by their previous owner so I adopted them and they are probably the worlds best cats. I them so much and they are such a perfect fit in my life. I recently caught and neutered, vaccinated, dewormed and de-flead a cute little black and white homeless 2 year old and was hoping he would want to adopt me too but so far he just comes around from time to time for a good meal and some petting and then off he goes. Please let me know if you cannot find a forever home for Velo when she is strong enough as I would be very happy to have her my life.

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