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Monthly Archives: August 2010

Self Introduction

As my first post I thought it necessary to introduce my big, but tiny family. As they usually filter many things in my life; friends, boyfriends, where and when i go on vacation, where i live, my work schedule and why colour bed sheets i buy (ones that do not show too much hair). They are a huge part of …

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This is my “baby”?

Even as a pup Bailey loved receiving stuffed animals.  They had  to have long furry noses and enough of a body so he could wrap the stuffed animal under him.  10 years later, I am still looking for stuffed animals to satisfy Bailey’s need.  I started to go to garage sales and second hand stores around Montreal so I could …

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A New Addition!

I have to say that on Friday, my husband I were part of a remarkable journey to bring a disabled French Bulldog named PUNK all the way back to Montreal for a chance at love and a new home! PUNK, now called PUNKY, was abandonned outside a market in Taiwan and had been at a shelter since April. She has …

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Ask A Trainer: Help! My Bernese Mountain Dog pees on people!

My 90 lb bernese mountain dog is a real sweetheart. He loves everyone – dog and human alike and is very gentle. The problem is, I live in an area with a number of tourists. When they come up to say hello to him (as he attracts a lot of attention), he will be very nice…EXCEPT..sometimes he will PEE ON …

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The Big GATE debate!

    Bailey, going on 10, can no longer see in the dark.  Last night, he cried and whimpered until I got up…tired, frustrated and still half asleep, I ventured to motion him down the stairs without the aid of any additional light.  In the past, it never seemed to be a problem but now I know it is.  There are …

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