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Monthly Archives: October 2014

Dr. Amanda Glew: Deblocking Male Cats (and other mammals)

Deblocking male cats and other mammals – by Dr. Amanda Glew  The other day we had a male cat come in with the typical complaint of constipation. This is usually an indication of a urinary blockage- where crystals and mucous form a plug. The male cat’s penis is very small diameter, so that it blocks, and as a result the …

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Is this the face of the Most Thankful Dog in Montreal?

        I think so. Meet Black. Yeah I know. What kind of name is that for a brown collie mix? Black is part of the seizure that took place on June 10th by the Montreal SPCA in the Lanaudiere region. Badly neglected, we are not certain if he was chained outside all his life or locked inside the …

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Where the heck have I been ?

            I have literally checked out of Hotel MDB for several months and my Sunday morning guilt is overwhelming. I’m certain most of you did not realize I had even left but I am happy to say that at least for today, the writer side of my brain has become active again.   Where have I been? …

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On The Ethics of Creating a New Cat Breed in North America

         In breeding cats for specific mutations we tend to forget about the ‘normal’ by-products of these breeding experiments that contribute to our nation-wide cat overpopulation crises. The genetics of Lykoi’s is still not understood but from what it looks like the gene is recessive. To better understand the Lykoi’s genetics they are currently breeding phenotypically domestic …

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