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Monthly Archives: June 2015

Did You Hear? Canada Joins the #BeCrueltyFree Movement with a Senate Bill to Ban Cosmetics Animal Testing!

Animal lovers, Canadians, lend me your ear: I am thrilled to announce the launch of The Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Act to ban cosmetics animal testing! On June 18, Senator Carolyn Stewart Olsen launched a Senate Bill to Ban Cosmetics Animal Testing and Trade in Canada. The introduction of the Senate Bill follows intensive #BeCrueltyFree Canada campaigning, during which time we’ve worked …

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Dr. Amanda Glew: Goodbye to the Birds in the Barn

Goodbye to the birds in the barn  – by Dr. Amanda Glew  This will be the last year that I will awake to a “caw” while downstairs in my tackroom. This will be the last year that I will see a huge wild turkey being brought upstairs to be treated for a broken wing. This will be the last year …

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Product Review: Little Pet Shop of Horrors

*While this post was in editing this happened. Please keep this wonderful news in mind while reading. *Warning: Some photos are graphic and disturbing.   E-mail replies from Montreal’s SPCA, “the problem is a “laisse a faire regulation” by the provincial government.” Phone conversations with norme du travail, “It is very sad but they’re not breaking any laws. The animals …

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Join the #BeCrueltyFree Petition Drive!

The sweet summer heat has arrived and so has our #BeCrueltyFree Canada petition drive. Add your name to get us to 100,000 signatures and help put an end to cosmetics animal testing in Canada! We’re working hard to ban this outdated practice, but we can’t do it alone. We need each and every one of you. Right now in laboratories …

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