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Monthly Archives: November 2015

Chatopia Named 2015 Quebec Animal Rescuer of the Year

MONTREAL, QC— The Guardian’s Best Animal Rescue Foundation is proud to announce Chatopia as the 2015 Quebec Animal Rescuer of the Year. The award, along with a $2,000 grant, was given to Chatopia president Maggie Shuter last Saturday. The Guardian’s Best Animal Rescue Foundation is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to raise money to help local animal rescues. Since …

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Announcing “Santa Pawz” Online Auction to benefit PetitsPawz Cat Refuge

SANTA PAWZ ONLINE AUCTION – http://www.petitspawz3.myevent.com/3/auction.htm December 2nd to December 9th. Bid from the comfort of your own home! It’s easy and fun!!    PetitsPawz Cat Refuge of Montreal is holding an online auction to raise funds for our cats in need. Please help PetitsPawz help more cats by participating in our “Santa Pawz” Online Auction Fundraiser, which will take …

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Dr. Amanda Glew: Feather Trees

Feather Trees – by Dr. Amanda Glew  A few years ago, I decided to do a Christmas tree fundraiser for Le Nichoir. I have a friend who had just moved to the Eastern Townships and had purchased a tree farm. Liking catchy phrases, I thought it would be fun to name the fundraising campaign “Feather Trees” is order to help …

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Lesson 1 of Socializing Feral Kittens: Choose Your Living Space Wisely

My family has fostered many cats. Typically, we’ve zeroed in on declawed adults (which is a story for another day) and kittens, either full litters or lonely orphans. The kittens we’ve taken in have always either just the right age for adoption or even younger, easy to socialize and mould into lovable personalities. This summer, we tried something different. We …

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