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Monthly Archives: January 2016

TakeAction: #Laval Say No To #AnimalCruelty

The City of Laval will soon decide if either Auberge Zen or Berger Blanc to hold the contract for animal management and pound service. The Facebook Page Groupe Intervention Protection Animaux Compagnie – Québec posted the following message: The BID is out for the renewal of the animal services in Laval for 2016-2019. Auberge Zen pour animaux holds the current …

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Take Action: It is time for Canada to #BanShockCollars

I know that I am no dog behaviorist or dog trainer. I am a person that believes that all animals are sentient beings that deserve to be respected. Therefore, I am in favor of the new e-petition calling for  a ban of Shock Collars. The following petition is being presented by Kennedy Steward, Member of Parliament for Burnaby South in …

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Help! Puppy won’t stop nipping!

Hi Meira, We really need your help! We have an adorable 3 month old puppy named Mocha, who we love to bits! The only problem is that she is nipping us all the time, and we have no idea how to stop her. She has bitten both my boyfriend and I to the point of drawing blood, and has given …

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Dr. Amanda Glew: It’s a Bummer

It’s a Bummer – by Dr. Amanda Glew  Good fences make good neighbors. When you have an escaped horse, you realize the importance of this. My mare Risk learned to escape from an early age – she would leave her mother on the other side of a fence when only 3 months old.  So when she lead my small herd …

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