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Monthly Archives: September 2016

#BeCrueltyFree Canada’s #DayofAction is Here!

At this very moment in laboratories across the country, animals are suffering through painful toxicity tests for chemicals that could very well wind up in the cosmetics you or I use every day. Terrified rabbits, mice, rats and guinea pigs routinely have chemical substances forced down their throat, dripped into their eyes, or smeared onto their skin, then left to …

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Tinkerbelle, the Blind Cat – Dr. Amanda Glew

Tinkerbelle, the Blind Cat  – Dr. Amanda Glew  As a veterinarian, I have had the pleasure and privilege of vetting animals with many disabilities – the 3 legged labrador, the paraplegic daschund, and numerous vision impaired dogs and cats. However, there is a difference when dealing with an animal who goes blind, versus one who is born blind.  This is the …

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