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How much attention do cats really need?

cat lovers, cats need attention, lots of love, the furry, no more independent

When did we start believing and accepting that cats are able to stay home ALONE for days at a time? 3, 4 days even 5 days alone. Fill 5 bowls of food, 5 bowls of water and 2 litter boxes out for them to fend for themselves on this great adventure!!! Its true, cats are more independent than dogs. They …

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Help us fight dog discrimination with fashion!

Montreal is a progressive City. It has a beautiful, vibrant culture and myriad wonders that never fail to delight. So when you see dogs being maligned by discriminatory laws based on falsehoods and myths, it hurts. A lot. Breed-specific legislation (BSL) offers little – nay, nothing – in the way of logic and common sense. You may think to yourself: …

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