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Monthly Archives: March 2017

Help! Our Dog Growls At Us When She’s Eating!

Hi Meira, I’m writing for some help with our dog Lucky. She’s a very sweet lab cross that we adopted about 7 years ago, and is very sweet. She is a very good dog, and usually very good natured. Except around her food bowl. When she’s eating, she gets very upset if my husband or I walk near her. She …

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Dr. Amanda Glew: Pet Insurance and Bogart’s Legacy

Pet Insurance and Bogart’s Legacy – by Dr. Amanda Glew  For many years, we have suggested that owners consider taking pet insurance.  My take on pet insurance is the following – you will likely claim on it, much more than we usually do on car or home insurance. Your animal is likely to have a major medical condition in his/her lifetime …

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