Monday , 19 February 2018

Gas Chamber Form Letter

West Islanders – it’s time to speak up!! After the horrific revelation that a West Island pound uses a gas chamber for euthanasia, we must take action!Even if you don’t live in the Borough of Ile Bizard-Ste. Genevieve, but you live in the West Island, this affects you.  Any pet in the West Island collected by this particular pound (including family pets that may go lost) can be legally euthanized via a Carbon Monoxide gas chamber after 5 days, unclaimed.   You have the power to change this cruel and inhumane practice now.  Your MNA is your representative and works for you. Please find your MNA here (their e-mails are here too) and send them this letter (if you aren’t sure what your electoral division is called, find it via postal code here).  Demand change on gas chamber euthanasia in your Borough.  This form of utter cruelty must end now.

Please share this letter with all West Islanders!  (Special thank you to Alanna Devine of the SPCA for her help in creating  this document).

To: _________________

As a Montrealer, I am requesting that you speak loudly and clearly against the use of a Carbon Monoxide gas chamber to euthanize homeless animals. This is the method currently employed by Patrouille G.L. Canine pound in the Borough of Ile Bizard-Ste. Genevieve.  Ile Bizard-Ste. Genevieve is the only West Island district to maintain a contract with Patrouille G.L. Canine.

Shelters or pounds who euthanize animals must be obligated to ensure that employees are technically proficient, competent, skilled, compassionate, properly trained, and doing everything in their power to make sure the animals are as free from stress and anxiety as possible. The use of a gas chamber does not allow this.

The use of a gas chamber for young, pregnant or injured animals is strictly prohibited as their lowered intake of air often results in immense suffering and death by suffocation, and yet there is no evidence that Patrouille G.L. employs any other means for the death of these animals. Gas chambers have also been condemned by humane advocates and progressive shelters and veterinary associations. They have been outlawed in several states and there is a movement worldwide to stop their use.

I am asking that you listen to the voices of your citizens and that one of the following actions is taken immediately::

1.  Patrouille G.L. Canine must hire the services of a veterinarian (or enter into an agreement with a local vet clinic) to euthanize animals via an injection of sodium pentobarbital.

2.  Patrouille G.L. Canine must employ a full-time veterinarian to humanely euthanize animals via an injection of sodium pentobarbital.

3. The contractual relationship with Patrouille G.L. is terminated immediately and an animal control contract which requires a more humane alternative is procured.

I would appreciate that you respond to my letter to advise me of how you will be proceeding.



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  1. It takes a lot more than 15 seconds to kill an animal with Gas! It’s time this horrible and cruel method of killing is stopped!

    Gas chambers are one of the most cruel and barbaric methods to kill animals. In order to save money, the animals are not given any sedative before they are thrown into the gas box. It takes 15 to 25 minutes before these helpless and innocent creatures die in this chamber. The dogs are thrown into these gas boxes with the aid of a pole, a tight strangling chain around their necks. The cats are put into portable animal carriers, so that they cannot escape. They are subjected to intolerable suffering, their lungs literally burned and destroyed by carbon monoxide. To reduce waste matter, the employees of these high-kill pounds are instructed to stop feeding the animals for three (3) days prior to gassing them. They are only allowed to drink a little water. Euthanasia by injection of barbituates would be a distinct preferable resolution. It would not be more expensive and would diminish the suffering to these animals.

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