Monday , 19 February 2018

Local Candidates on Animal Cruelty

On April 8th, Montreal Dog Blog sent out an e-mail to 10 random local election candidates to get their views on animal welfare issues in Quebec.  The letter we sent can be found here (and we encourage you to send it to your own representative before election time!).  We will add links as we receive replies.  Click on the names below to read how they responded.

The e-mails were sent to:

The Parties At Large:

Canada’s 5 main political parties were surveyed regarding their views on animal welfare.  Click the links below to read each party’s response. 


  1. Ha! I really, really want to read Justin Trudeau’s answer! Please Mr. Trudeau…MAKE MY DAY! I will post his Christmas Card wearing his lovely Fur and the cute snap shot of him eating Seal meat and saying how much he enjoys eating seal…

  2. Dear Montreal Dog Blogger,

    I was wondering if you could extend email invitations to these candidates for the protest against Berger Blanc on Saturday (1:00pm in front of City Hall). I’m quite sure the protest will receive news coverage, and having these candidates attend would be beneficial for them (in terms of publicity) as well as for us; for it would give further credibility to our cause.

    Thank you,

    • Given the extensive coverage it’s already received, I can guarantee you, they are ALL in the know about this protest. Whether or not they go on their own (without an invite) will speak to how much the issue is a priority. That will be very telling in itself!

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