Monday , 19 February 2018

Pet Bath and Beauty Products






  1. I have been using Savon Sage products for well over a year now – they are wonderful! It’s difficult to pick a favorite soap, but “Zen” is one of them. The soaps make a light lather, cleans thoroughly and leaves your skin feeling soft and not at all dry.

    I also use her lip balms which are fabulous for dry lips, and a bath & shower gel which smelled scrumptious, but not overwhelmingly so like so many other scented products are.

    Savon Sage is not just for humans; there is a line of pet products as well, namely the “Bugger Off!” soap. My dogs (and cats!) have all been bathed with this soap – it smells lovely and leaves their coat soft and shiny, while helping to repel flies in spring and summer.

    Savon Sage often has fabulous deals/packages – anyone wanting to try an assortment of products should definitely leap at the opportunity. I will be a customer for as long as there is a Savon Sage!

    Lisa & the furkids
    Nova Scotia, Canada

  2. Refresher soap rocks! Tried it once and I was instantly addicted. Can’t start the day without it now. Highly recommend.

  3. Have been using Savon Sage for a couple of months now and love it. My son has been using it and it has been clearing up his acne. Before that he was using Clearasil scrub and pads, even Proactiv to no avail. Savon Sage has helped clear up the majority of his breakouts. We’ve used the Patchouli, Argan Vanilla and Vanilla and love the scents too. The lip balm was great as well as the foot scrub!

  4. These are really good quality soaps. You can tell from the feel, scent, and weight of them that Savon Sage is very generous with the essential and other oils used in these handcrafted soaps. The packaging is earthy and the soaps look good enough to eat!

    Refresher and Lavender are my favorites. Nice lather, scent, and leave the skin soft. I don’t have a dog, but I can’t wait to try “Bugger Off!” repellent spray on myself!

    The lip balms are wonderful and did not break me out like other brands. I adored the body balms, but I believe these were limited edition. If Savon Sage ever brings this product back, better grab ’em up fast.

    I haven’t yet tried their customized soap service yet, but am eager to try. Savon Sage will custom blend a formula for you. The prices seem very reasonable for this.

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