Monday , 19 February 2018

Rescue of the Year Applicants and Ads


Here are the Grant applications we have received this far. If you are not on this list, but did send your application, please contact: immediately. The deadline for entries is November 9th, 5pm. 

  • Secours Golden Retriever Rescue Quebec
  • Greyhound Rescue Quebec / SOS Levriers Quebec
  • Teja’s Animal Refuge
  • Pit Stop Montreal Rescue
  • Valley Mastiff Rescue
  • Animatch
  • Eleven Eleven Animal Rescue
  • Moustache Adoptions Montreal
  • OPÉRATION FÉLIX, a shelter project of Lost and Found Pet Network
  • Hopeful Hearts Rescue
  • Birch Haven Rescue
  • Boxer Rescue Quebec 
  • PetitsPawz 
  • Refuge RR 
  • Friendly Giants Dog Rescue 
  • Les Félins de la Vallée 
  • The League of Extraordinary Greyhounds 
  • Gerdy’s Rescue 
  • Rosie Animal Adoption 
  • Bell’Anima 
  • Animal Rescue Network 
  • AAM and Chatopia
  • L’Annexe de la SPCA Montreal (formerly, eshelter) 
  • Educhat
  •  Frontier Animal Society
  •   Adoptez un chat errant
  • Rycats Rescue 
  • Here are the completed banner ads we have received thus far (limit: 13. It’s not first come/first serve.  If we receive more than 13, we will do a draw for placement among all entries).  If you are not on this list, but did send your completed ad, please contact: immediately.  The deadline for entries is November 9th, 5pm. 
  • Pit Stop Montreal Rescue
  • PetitsPawz
  • Refuge AMR 
  • Greyhound Rescue Quebec 
  • Operation Felix
  •  Boxer Rescue Quebec 
  • Gerdy’s Rescue 
  • Frontier Animal Society 
  • Chatopia 
  • Rosie Animal Adoption 
  • Bell’Anima 
  • Refuge RR for Horses
  • ARN
  • Les Félins de la Vallée 

Our Rescue of the Year Event is Saturday, December 1st in NDG – please keep an eye on your inbox for an invite from EventBrite!



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