Wednesday , 21 February 2018

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When Pugs Swim (or How to Exercise Your Dog in the Winter)

Lola Pug spends as little time outside as she can when the temperatures dip, and this generally makes exercising her a big issue when January/February comes around. We can only visit her pug buddies so many times until we all become bored with each other. (and my baking isn’t THAT good as to garner continual invitations) We have an arsenal …

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Preventing Sidewalk Electrocution

By now, you have probably heard the sad story out of Outremont last week – about the dog electrocuted by a faulty lightpost.  Although statistically rare (which we recognize is no consolation to those affected), it is a devastating way to lose a pet – and a situation which has occurred in the past:  It happened in Toronto last year, …

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A lost dog and a kind act

Friday, April 15, 2011 By SUZANNAH J. VANSON, Special to the Gazette MONTREAL – One recent night, just after I had given her pills to my old, deaf, blind-in-the-dark, six-pound Maltese named Lillie, she somehow got loose and found her way out the gate. This little one had never been alone since we fostered and then adopted her, and she …

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LOST: Bernese Mountain Dog in TMR

A ‘shareable’ item! Please “Like” this post and spread the word! Ottis was let out in his gated backyard this past Tuesday (April 5th).  15 minutes later, the gate was open and Ottis was gone.   He went missing from the TMR area, Beverley and Markham is the closest intersection.  His owners having been calling and checking the Berger Blanc …

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