Monday , 19 February 2018

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Service Dogs: from puppy to pro

Daniel Jacob is a writer, guide-dog user and Montrealer.  He has shared some important information with us in the past – like:  service-dog etiquette and a Q&A session about guide-dogs.  Have you ever wanted to foster a service puppy or simply wondered how puppies become guide-dogs?  Daniel’s back – with some more interesting insights… About guide-dog training specifically – I …

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Michael Vick confronted by dog owner

Richard Hunter and his wife adopted Mel, one of Michael Vick’s dogs, 15 months ago. Mel is believed to have been used as bait Photo: LARA SOLT/DMN Super Bowl is over! Green Bay wins and the team gets to go to Disney World.  Tom Brady wins MVP and Vick takes comeback player of the year. Take a look at this …

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