Tuesday , 20 February 2018

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When it comes to an amazing home, we travel the distance!

When it comes to an amazing home, we don’t let something like distance get in the way. Yesterday we did a round trip with Natasha (and Betty and Ruby-Sue, for moral support) to the mountains of Woodstock, New York. We spent 14 hours on the road, i arrived home at 2am and volunteer driver/foster Joanne got home at 2:30am. Every …

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Fight the Berger Blanc in Montreal (Petitions/Protest info)

*SEE THE BERGER BLANC ARCHIVES FOR CONTINUING UPDATES* About the Berger Blanc and the undercover investigation: A recent piece from The Montreal Mirror: Pet Heaven’s Waiting Room – by Elisabeth Faure read our blogger Caroline Ross’ piece about  the feral dog colonies living near the Berger Blanc watch the video of the feral dogs living behind the Berger Blanc, courtesy of …

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Enquête presents a disturbing exposé of Berger Blanc

  On Thursday April 21 at 20:00 Radio Canada’s investigative program Enquête presents a disturbing exposé of Berger Blanc, the for-profit business entrusted with control of, and care for, Montréal’s exploding population of unwanted companion animals, a population which has now reached crisis proportions. This program, Mauvais Berger, exposes Berger Blanc’s abysmal standards of animal care and customer service, and …

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