Monday , 19 February 2018

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Montreal Celebrities And Their Pets – Catherine Sherriffs

                    Catherine Sherriffs She is a national award-winning journalist, anchor for CTV Montreal … and an animal lover !   Where do you live now and who lives with you? (Human and animal) I share a home with my husband and two dogs, a 5-year-old mini-schnauzer named Newman, and a 2-year-old American …

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OCTOBER 2nd  UPDATE:  WOW! WE ARE PRETTY MUCH SOLD OUT!  Ad space on our very first fundraising calendar is at a maximum and we cannot thank you enough for your support!  AD SPACES THAT ARE LEFT:  The FRONT and BACK covers are also available  Know anyone who’d like their pet to be a CoverDog or Cat? The cost for this …

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URGENT: PetitsPawz need fosters/donations

PetitsPawz is an outstanding volunteer-run cat rescue, based in Verdun. We are also proud to have founder, Susan Mackasey as one of our bloggers. In fact,  Susan is so dedicated to rescue, that I’m filling you guys in on what’s going on! (and happy to do so) 🙂 In addition to finding feline forever homes, PetitsPawz also helps control Montreal’s feral cat …

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Pampered Pets: Cats Need Grooming Too!

Here at Pampered Pets we don’t just cater to dogs we groom cats too! Now you might think why do I have to get my cat groomed? Don’t cats just groom themselves? While most cats do self-groom , there are many that don’t. Like my little Princessa Diva my black smoke persian whom I rescued when she was 4 months …

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Ask A Trainer: Dog bites when excited

Q: What can I do about a 1-year-old standard poodle who bites my clothes when she’s excited?  She goes for my hands too but is very gentle and never actually bites. She gets along great with all dogs and kids but I’d like to get her to stop. A: Hello Richard, thanks for writing in with a great question! Sounds like …

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Socks needs your help

This is a message on behalf of Reach For The Stars Rescue: Socks’ Story Socks was adopted into a young family and the kids were permitted to be somewhat rough with him. When he scratched one of the children, possibly by accident, he was declawed at the same time as he was neutered at 4 months of age.  The adoption contract stipulates …

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