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Inherited Cats Need Homes

The following is a courtesy listing. Please contact the info included for further details.  If you died, what would happen to your pets? Making arrangements for your animals in the event that you pass away,  is something we should all think about.  Many animals end up in shelters after the hospitalization or death of their owners. It’s an all too …

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Please Help Gumbo Walk Pain-Free!

Nat here!  I adopted my chihuahua, Flea from the awesome rescue Sasha’s Den Rescue about 8 years ago.  Flea came from a ‘backyard breeder’ – with some waaay overloaded physical and emotional baggage for such a wee thing – having lived the first year and half of her life caged as ‘breeding stock’, so someone could make a quick buck off her …

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Rescue Round-Up News January 20, 2012

Read all about it! 15 firefighters rescue dog from Gloucester Docks, Suspected bait dog left for dead is rescued,Live dog found after fire destroys restaurant and apartments,Four legged crossing guard causing a stir in Greenwich - (video) Abandoned Dog Adopted by Nursing Home Plus Interview to the woman that cloned her dog for $50,000

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Chimpanzees – in Montreal? How you can help!

It’s true!  Did you know that just outside of Montreal, there is an amazing sanctuary for chimpanzees? The Fauna Foundation is not a zoo nor is it open to the public.  It is a place that quietly, lovingly and wholly cares for animals that have come from a variety of rescue situations including research facilities, laboratories and zoos.  Animals are …

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Rescue News!

The Rescue News section is headed up by our newest blogger Liliana Danel and will focus on finding good dogs, good homes. Liliana Danel has lived in Mexico City, Texas – and Montreal for the past 8 years. She and her husband share their home with with a 4 year old rescued Jack Russell Terrier named Romeo (aka Nanners) and …

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