Tuesday , 16 January 2018

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Product Review: Soft Paws Nail Caps

Hey there cool cats and dog friends! S’up? So sporadic snow storms aside, spring has officially sprung in Montreal and I am beyond thrilled that crotchety and clingy old man winter is getting rained-out. Let’s hug you guys!! What else is super about spring? Kittens. Yep. There will soon be an abundance of kittens. Either roaming the streets, in horrible …

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SPCA Montreal Wish List

  Dear Supporters, The time has come to send you our wish list. With the beginning of summer time and the abundance of in-coming of animals, our need for equipment is greater than ever. On the other hand this is a good time to ask for donation because of “moving time” and if you have a surplus of stuff, appliances …

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