Wednesday , 21 February 2018

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Fed up of Moving Day!

For those that are reading this and are not familiar with “Moving Day” I will try to briefly explain the whole point of it. Not being born in Quebec makes me think of this day as a bit silly and unnecessary. On July 1, a majority of the residents throughout the province of Quebec end their apartment leasing contract and …

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Rescue Round-Up September 28, 2010

Here are some recent rescue items from around the globe: Josh Brolin Recalls High-flying Animal Rescue Pitbull – Pitbulls for Life Dog Rescue Silent Auction Fundraiser Calgary William Joseph Hilliard convicted of animal cruelty in Washington County, Tenn. 46 counts of animal neglect Dogs shouldn’t be tied up and neglected RSPCA honour for rottweiler who stopped Balsall Common sex attack …

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