Tuesday , 20 February 2018

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From a Vet’s Point of View: Choosing a Rescue Carefully

Looking for a pet? Choose the facility carefully! By: Dr. Christina Nosotti   From experience, you will quickly bond and become attached to any pet you bring home. However worthy of your affection though, in some cases a particular pet may not be the best fit for your family, or it could develop behavior problems or health issues that can …

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Oh, Sammy Boy!

Oh, Sammy Boy!   Sammy isn’t your typical happy go lucky black cat.  He’s more than that. His bowlegged hind legs give him the best cat strut I’ve ever seen, and the little bend at the tip of his tail add to his cool and mysterious demeanor.  Every human and animal that knows Sammy wants to be his best friend.  …

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Bell’Anima looking for foster homes!

Bell’Anima Rescue is in current need of fosters for cats and dogs! According to their page on Petfinder.com, Bell’Anima Rescue is a foster based rescue with very big ideas. Their dream is to one day build a shelter for all of the abandoned animals. But in the meantime, here is a description of what they do: They work with committed …

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Adoption days and their role in our community

It seems for some reason lately (in posts on this blog) there has been confusion about what the role ‘adoption days’ play in rescues, and our community. This is my opinion on the topic; as someone who has been volunteering with animal rescues and adoption events for 15 years and counting, and the founder of a rescue organization. Although one …

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