Monday , 19 February 2018

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Are parking lots another business location for “breeders”?

-by Liliana Danel, MDB Blogger  My delightful Sunday afternoon took a turn for the worse. While shopping in the Laval area at a well-known mall, I became witness to something that I had not seen before. I saw a man and a woman in a van with the hatchback open…and four beautiful Husky puppies sat inside of a crate. If you all …

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And I fell in love with Romeo…

11 Days before his birthday

“ Please Lilly, he will kill Romeo! Please tell me he can stay with you.” I had no idea who Romeo was. At first I thought she was speaking of a person, and then I realized she was talking about a dog when she added, “ Romeo bit the nose of his daughter! He wants to kill Romeo!”

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