Monday , 19 February 2018

Tips for Choosing a Boarding Facility

  • Tour the place. If they won’t let you see exactly where your dog will be kept – keep moving.  Does it seem clean?  Are cages appropriately-sized? Is dog poop being picked up?  Trust your instincts on what you see.
  • What is the quota of the amount of dogs per staff member? There should be at least one staff member for every 10 dogs.  Enough on site staff ensures building cleanliness, enough exercise time and can react quickly if fights break out.
  • Is there a play area?  Is there an extra cost for playtime? Is it always supervised?  Are small dogs in a separate area?
  • What is the cost per day – and what does it include? (i.e. – is giving medication, grooming, playtime, treats, extra?)
  • What happens in an emergency? Who will be contacted? What vet will they go to?  Does the staff have pet CPR or other emergency training?
  • Are all dogs vaccinated?
  • Is there a staff member onsite overnight? Are there cameras?
  • Can you call to find out how your pet is doing?